New to the Site: Free Fiction

I’ve decided to place some of my shorter stories on my website. The first is a tiny mite (that bites): 300 words inspired by the life of James Tiptree Jr.

This flash was written after I’d finished reading Julie Phillips’s James Tiptree Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon, one of the most fascinating biographies I’ve read. Clearly, I was still reeling from it. Phillips’s biography captures in an exploration of Sheldon’s life what Tiptree’s stories did in fiction​—a sense of profound alienation and longing, self-doubt, but also a stunning and strange hopefulness. Sheldon’s life, in the end, mirrored her art.

My tiny story, “Wherein Alice Finally Gets the Body She’d Always Wanted,” I hope is seen as a gesture of love toward one of my favourite writers.

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