Eileen Gunnell Lee (aka Selena Middleton) is a weird hybrid writer, educator, and literature Ph.D. who writes weird hybrid stories which draw from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and folktale. Most of her writing is half-accomplished while tramping through the woods that overlook the smokestacks of Hamilton, Ontario. This affects her stories as much as it does her rate of respiratory infection.

She lives with her family and an ex-racing greyhound named Valkyrie who is much too silly for such a name. She is an Associate Editor at Truancy Magazine, an Active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), and an intermittent member of the Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA), and Editors Canada. She is a fairly consistent member of the Codex Writers’ Group.

Eileen is sometimes known as Selena Middleton, a name under which she publishes academic research and helms Stelliform Press, a new publishing venture which champions culture-focused climate fiction. Established in the hellscape of 2020, Stelliform books have already received starred and recommended reviews. She would love if you checked them out.

Send her an email, or follow her on Twitter. She does not mind if you call her Eileen or Selena; these are both her real names.

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