Published Short Stories

A Widening Gyre.” Aurelia Leo Originals. December 2021.

The Silent Confirmation of a Notable Thing.” Friends Journal. November 2021.

The Orbital Bloom.” Co-authored with Christi Nogle. Fusion Fragment 6. May 2021. [buy print or PDF, Free and Pay What You Can Options.]

When the Snowshoe Hare Turns White.” Nightmare Magazine, issue 103. [buy ebook]

You Cannot Return to the Burning Glade.” Reckoning 5.

In a Village Without Dogs.” Fusion Fragment 4. January 2021. [buy print or PDF, Free and Pay What You Can Options.]

The Wolf Boys of Wide River County.” Little Blue Marble. November 2020.

A Dry River Runs With Blood.” Selene Quarterly 3.1. June 2020. [buy ebook from the publisher or from Amazon]

“The Cicada Year.” 49th Parallels: Alternative Canadian Histories and Futures. Bundoran Press. October 2017. [buy ebook]

Baro Porrajmos, or Love in the Vardo.” Escape Pod. March 2017.

Novel (Unpublished)

A Mouthful of Fire. A biracial Romany woman searching for her missing family after collapse becomes entangled in a biohacker plot to opensource state neuralnet technology.