Awards Eligibility 2021

This has been a great year for me publications-wise — some of my best work has come out this year. I would be delighted if you would read some of it.

A graphic of a forest fire at night. Text reads: Eileen Gunnel Lee Awards Eligibility. “In a Village Without Dogs.” Fusion Fragment 4.
“You Cannot Return to the Burning Glade.” Reckoning 5.
“When the Snowshoe Hare Turns White.” Nightmare Magazine.
“The Orbital Bloom.” With Christi Nogle. Fusion Fragment 6.
“The Silent Confirmation of a Notable Thing.” Friends Journal.
“A Widening Gyre.” Aurelia Leo Originals.

Short Story Summaries

Everything I’ve published this year has been short stories from about 1000-word flash fiction to a 7500-word novelette. Below I’ll describe each story and provide links. If you see something of interest, I’d be delighted if you clicked through and had a read.

In a Village Without Dogs” (7500 words)

A Romany generation ship receives a distress signal from the Earth that exiled them.

You Cannot Return to the Burning Glade” (1500 words)

After the death of her partner, a woman keeps a trail diary as she processes her grief and makes a disturbing discovery.

When the Snowshoe Hare Turns White” (1000 words)

A woman experiences some unexpected effects of climate change in the north.

The Orbital Bloom” (6000 words)

A narcissistic mother and her astronaut daughter correspond as the daughter searches for a cure for an ecological sickness and the mother undergoes a surprising transformation.

The Silent Confirmation of a Notable Thing” (2500 words)

Two young people discover new ways to care about each other and the world in a time of extinctions perpetuated by monstrous angels.

A Widening Gyre” (3500 words)

A woman and her paid donor take part in a fertility program at an experimental offshore clinic.

Awards Eligibility as Editor

This year Stelliform Press published Octavia Cade’s The Impossible Resurrection of Grief (a novella) and Cynthia Zhang’s After the Dragons (a novel). Please consider these works in their own respective categories, and me as their editor.

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