Baro Porrajmos, or Love in the Vardo Reader Reactions

As “Baro Porrajmos, or Love in the Vardo” is my first story in a professional publication and, therefore, first to receive a fairly wide readership, it is also my first story to garner reactions from people who are not friends and family. It’s very exciting to have strangers react to one’s work. It’s especially exciting when the emotions elicited are the ones intended.

Here are some reader reactions to the story so far. First, from the Escape Pod forums:

I loved this story!
The world of the story felt very real, and certain details really stuck with me. The fact that the vardos were supposedly secondhand, for example. The romani people were so mistreated that even in a fantasy of the best-case scenario, the government still skimped on the vardos, getting them cheaper and second-hand.

This one had a delayed reaction for me, the true horror didn’t hit me until later. Still not sure what was up with the children. Loved it all the same.

I almost didn’t listen to this story, because I assumed the title referred to the historical, 20th century Holocaust. The story is disturbing as much for what it omits as for what it tells about this kinder, gentler, campaign of extermination. How long have they been in their Matrix-style suspended animation/virtual reality at the Static? How many of the characters are real, and how many exist only in virtual reality? Are the children real? How did Peter get into the Romani women’s “world”?

From post comments:

Truly beautiful and haunting story.

From Twitter:

From Email:

Wow, my friend, that story is intense! I really enjoyed it! I’m still wrapping my head around it – deserves a re-read/re-listen.
Thank you to everyone who has read the story so far. I’m so pleased that readers seem to be both captivated and horrified by it.

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